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Algoma Metis loggers Inc.

April 2007: Check out our News Section for Cutting With A Conscience Story!

Who are the Metis Loggers?

The Metis loggers are a group of men and woman that came together for a common goal. They recognized that the skid/cut operator was slowly being replaced by advanced technology that being the Feller-Buncher. Recognizing that they were going the way of the dinosaur they decided to form a company that would address the need of the lone forest worker.

The Algoma Metis Loggers (The Company)

The Algoma Metis Loggers Inc. was founded in 2003 in Ontario as a Corporation with limited partnership. The corporation has a board of directors made up of elected members.


The Algoma Metis Loggers Inc. Strive to develop a positive working relationship with the local Ministry of Natural Resources and the Provincial Government.

Short term Goals

To secure a licence to harvest timber on Crown Lands
To create jobs and a future for loggers in the Algoma District.
To create a safe and secure work environment based on training and education.
To give some security to the forest workers and to the future of their families.

Long term Goals

To construct a viable saw mill.
To establish a bursary fund for advanced post secondary education.
To contribute to the local economy.
To become a contributing member of the logging community.


We the Algoma Metis Loggers base our credibility on transparency of the organization and the high standards we hold our members too.


The future of the Metis Loggers will be determined by the genuine commitment to good forest practices and to a silviculture system that addresses the future of the Algoma Forest.

Mission Statement

The Algoma Metis Loggers believe that strength is in unity and in the recognition of values not only in the land but in the people.
The Algoma Metis loggers are committed to preserving the integrity of the forest threw good logging practices.
To promote sustainable forest management by incorporating traditional principles and practices



Latest update: August 19, 2008